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The Church had its beginning in the faith and courage of a few consecrated people. To Mrs. Ella Osborn goes the major portion of credit.

The first date on record is February 1906. The meetings were first held in the Baptist Church, which was one of three existing Churches in town.

When families of R.E. Bailey and E. A. Lawrence came to town, the membership increased. The meetings were moved to City Hall and Kendall Opera House. About this time Sunday School was started with Ralph E. Bailey as superintendent. There were times when the Church was without a minister but never without Sunday School and Communion.

In 1910 a one room wooden building called "The Tabernacle" was erected on a lot at Trotter and New Madrid Streets. Later a brick building was erected. The basement for a permanent Church began 1911. The superstructure was begun in 1914 while Rev. T. B. Lockhart was pastor. Membership was 77. The Cornerstone was laid in March of that year. The new building, which cost $11,000.00, was dedicated, free of debt on June 20, 1915. In 1939 the membership had grown to 225.

On November 14, 1954, it was voted to buy 3 ½ acres of land adjacent to Missouri Delta Medical Center. Groundbreaking ceremonies for the new building were held October 1, 1955. The education unit was built first. The building was dedicated September 16, 1956, free of debt.

Groundbreaking for the sanctuary was April 20, 1958. The formal dedication of the sanctuary was held December 14, 1958, with a cost of $260,000.00 and with a membership of 350. The Service of mortgage burning was held on July 5, 1964.

On April 17, 1998, Church members voted to raise $250,000 by June 7, 1998, for remodeling and addition of Family Life Center.

A Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on June 7, 1998. The cost of the project $670,000.

The Family Life Center includes fellowship space, a large kitchen, basketball court and class rooms. Additional parking space will accommodate the Church and Missouri Delta Medical Center.

The Family Life Center was dedicated June 13, 1999. Rev. Edmond Pangburn was the minister during this project.

Each minister of the Church gave their particular ability to Church growth. The ministers from 1906- Rev. John S. Zeran, Rev. Field, Rev. J.B. Lockhart, Rev. S.H. Fuller, Rev. John Wells, Rev. J.C. Hoke, Rev. R.M. Houston, Rev. Cyrus Mitchell, Rev. Morton, Rev. E.B. Hensley, Rev. O.P. Bellenger, Rev. McFarland, Rev. W. W. Walker, Rev. R.M. Talbert, Rev. R.S. Rains, Rev. J.P. Read, Rev. G.H. Adkins, Rev. Wayne Davis, Rev. Myron Neal, Rev. Durward Penry, Rev. Paul Walker, Rev. Clark Hargus (interim), Rev. Thomas J. Plumbley, Rev. Jack Barron (interim), Rev. Dr. Lee Brummel, Rev. Gene Akeman (interim), Rev. Edmond Pangburn, Rev. David A. Vernon (interim), Rev. Dr. Allen Shriver, Rev. Mary L. McCord, Rev. Brice Hughes (present interim minister).


First Christian Church Sikeston, Missouri

From the Vision Session on January 24, 1993, and Board approval on February 8, 1993, the First Christian Church of Sikeston, Missouri, formed this vision for the future of First Christian Church:

To proclaim the grace of God through Jesus Christ His Son and to enhance everyone’s relationship with God through worship, Bible study, fellowship, support, service, and evangelism.

To affirm our unique Disciple heritage by being a place

where all people are united in Christ with their differing beliefs, allowed the freedom to interpret the Bible, and encouraged to develop a joyful and positive faith of their own, while expressing their God-given talents.

To reach out to people within our congregation, in our community, and in the world, being sensitive and responsive to their physical and spiritual needs.

To develop a long and mutually supportive relationship with our pastor through encouragement and open communication.

First Christian Church, 1006 North Main, Sikeston, Missouri 63801 573-471-3613

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Our Mission Statement - Worship God, Love Others, Serve the World -