Education Department

   Sunday Worship:  8:30 & 10:30 a.m.                1006 N. Main Street                                         Phone: 573-471-3613

    Sunday School:    9:30 a.m.                          Sikeston, MO 63801                                           Fax:  573-471-3672


Sunday School
Bible Study Groups
Youth Groups

The Education Department is commissioned by the church to oversee the Christian educational opportunities.  This includes things such as offering a graded Sunday school hour, overseeing the youth groups, and promoting and encouraging attendance at Bible Study groups.  They accomplish this by the following:


A.  Recruit teachers and ensure they understand their duties during the Sunday School hour.

            1.  Provide training sessions for teachers as needed.

            2.  Provide curriculum and teaching supplies for whole church school program.

            3.  Encourage new members of the congregation  to join a Sunday School class.


B.  Oversee the nursery ensuring that it meets excellent standards in the space provided.

            1.  That the rooms are clean, cheerful, and there is nothing that might prove a hazard to the 


            2.  Oversee the Nursery Attendant and work closely with her in maintain a cheerful and safe play space.


C.  Promote the three youth groups by encouraging attendance.  Help recruit sponsors and volunteers who

     can help with transportation and hosting youth events.


D.  Provide a college ministry to those student members who are away from home.

            1. Keep current records of college students' addresses for newsletter and birthdays.

            2.  Send care packages during finals each semester.


D.  Promote attendance at the Bible Studies as they are offered, making sure they are publicized to the congregation.


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Last updated: 01/08/09.