Stewardship Department

   Sunday Worship:  8:30 & 10:30 a.m.                1006 N. Main Street                                         Phone: 573-471-3613

    Sunday School:    9:30 a.m.                          Sikeston, MO 63801                                           Fax:  573-471-3672



The Stewardship Department oversees all the financial workings of

congregation.  Stewardship oversees both the tithes and offerings

as well as the dispersing of those funds.  They accomplish this by:



Conducting an annual stewardship emphasis and campaign.



Preparing the annual budget in conjunction with the various

          Department heads, the Personnel Committee, the Pastoral

          Relations Committee, and the office staff.



Oversee the Memorial Fund and Permanent Endowment




Overseeing the office equipment.









                                                                                         Consecration Sunday 2006

    The Treasures of the Transformed Life was used as the Stewardship Campaign for the fall of 2006.  It emphasized six ways ways in which we 'give back' to God in gratitude for all the things that God has given us.  A 3' x  4' picture of the church was cut into 6 jigsaw puzzle pieces, and the final sermon was a review of those 6 ways of giving.  With each point being made, a piece of the puzzle was added until the entire picture was reconfigured. The picture of the church was actually Velcro-ed to a 3' x 4' picture of the youth of our church (signifying the present as well as the future)


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