The Sacraments

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The Sacraments

The Means by Which God's Grace Is Bestowed Upon God's Children


Recognition of two sacraments---Baptism and the Lord's Supper:



            Through baptism into Christ

                  we enter into newness of life

                  and are made one with the whole people of God.

            In the communion of the Holy Spirit

                   we are joined together in discipleship

                    and in obedience to Christ.


*We baptize by immersion but recognize other forms of baptism. 


        Holy Communion or the Lord's Supper:

                At the Table of the Lord

                          we celebrate with thanksgiving

                          the saving acts and presence of Christ. (Preamble to the Design)


*We practice open communion.  The Lord Jesus set the communion table with his sacrificial act of allowing himself to be nailed to the cross.  We believe that Jesus the Christ issues the invitation to come to His table and communion with Him and other believers.

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