Walter Scott's Five Finger

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Walter Scott's Five-Finger Exercise:

A Way to Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the World.


Walter Scott (1796-1861) was one of three founders of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  Of the three, Alexander

Campbell and Barton Stone being the other two, Scott was known as the great evangelist.  Scott was able to reduce

the gospel story down to five main points known as the "five-finger exercise".  This could be easily memorized and used to proclaim the gospel.


The Five Fingers:

    The first three steps involve human action:


Faith: This is more than just agreeing something is true.  It involves commitment and deep trust.  It's something

            we build our lives around.  We believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the Living God and is our Lord and Savior.


Repentance:  We recognize that we have missed the mark, have separated and alienated ourselves from God and from our fellow human being, and by doing this have disobeyed God.  We confess this freely and vow to turn from this way of living.


Baptism:  We offer ourselves for baptism by immersion.  This represents our death (to old self), burial, and resurrection (to

           a new life in Jesus Christ).  This is also reminiscent of the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River by John the Baptizer.


    The last two steps belong to God and are associated with the third step: as baptism is completed,


Forgiveness:  We then fully accept the forgiveness of God for all that we have done.  Daily we go to God asking

           forgiveness for we recognize ourselves as sinful by nature and desire to have God cleanse us daily of those things that

           keep us from feeling God's blessedness. 


Holy Spirit:  The Holy Spirit then commences in every believer after baptism into the church, the living Body of Christ.  The Holy Spirit becomes our Comforter and Sustainer and helps us to remember all the things that Jesus has taught and continues to teach us daily.



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